but where are ... ?

You know a forbidden slash pairing that you think is worth mentioning on here? Then let me know! Just fill out the form below and if I know it, like it, and think it's worth being on here, I will add it.


Please note the following rules:


1. The pairing has to be two men and forbidden, meaning not an officially gay couple from a film, series or real life. For example: Jack and Ennis from Brokeback Mountain don't count. Although they have a forbidden relationship in the film, they are officially presented as a couple. What I am looking for is hidden or hinted slash. You get the picture. If not, take a peek on here and you will get an impression of what I mean.


2. I find mangas boring. So, please no couples from animes or mangas. Thank you.


Your couple fulfills both requirements? Then shoot!

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